A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby

A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby

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Most of the parents do not consider the actual features of a stroller while picking one. They just see the color, size, style, and price. The worse thing is that they compare strollers based on price. A reasonable featured stroller cost is higher compared to the regular one. I suggest parents compare the stroller by its features. What stroller or combination of strollers works best for you depends on your needs. Just a full-size stroller may work best if you mostly travel by car, but you will likely also want something lighter if you’re going to use public transit. Just a lightweight stroller is a reasonable compromise for everything, but you will sometimes miss the advantages of a full size or umbrella stroller. Often the right thing to do is to buy several strollers. For example, we have ample capacity, an umbrella, and a car seat carrier.

A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby
A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby

Factors To Consider When Picking A Stroller


Folds up one-handed, easy to carry, enough recline to sleep. But cannot hold as much stuff as a full-size, cannot reverse the seat, and not as pleasant or stable on rough surfaces. 

Quality Of The Material: 

Durable and should not make your baby hot in the summer season.

Big wheels: 

Bigger wheels make it easier to push on rough surfaces like grass and gravel. They also make it easier to go up and down curbs and stairs. However, bigger wheels take up more space when the stroller is folded up.


A stroller with a wide wheelbase is likely to be more stable. That does not matter much when you have a toddler in a seat because the center of gravity is low, but can make a big difference when using a bassinet or a car seat when the narrower strollers can feel a bit tippy.

Easy To Carry Over Your Shoulder: 

If you plan to spend a lot of time going up and down staircases or getting on buses, then it is nice to be able to sling the stroller over your shoulder while carrying the kid with both arms. Some lighter strollers have a shoulder strap that makes this easy.

Easily Removable And Washable Cover: 

At some point, your stroller is going to get poo on it. It is helpful if you can quickly get the cover off and throw it in the washing machine.

Big Storage Area: 

If you want to go shopping with your stroller, then you do not want to have to push both a shopping cart and a stroller, which means that having a huge storage area under it is a big bonus.

A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby
A Guide To Pick The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby

Additional Factors To Consider

Reversible seat: 

Having a reversible seat is helpful when the kid is young because you can talk to them while pushing them, and easily look at them to make sure they are okay.

Extensible handle: 

If you are tall, then the ability to raise the handle up is lovely and can make pushing a good bit more comfortable.

Full size: 

It should be stable, flexible, travel gracefully over anything, with loads of features and a lot of storage. But hard to fold up, heavy to carry, take up loads of space, and expensive. 


Similar to full-size, but even more stable and bigger wheels, so you feel confident running with it. But it may be harder to fold up and less flexible than a full-size.

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