Ages and Stages of Development

Developmental Milestones Record

From childhood, we cross different Ages and Stages of development from young to adults. During this period, many events take place in the body and brain. Therefore, the environment and circumstances of individuals also change day by day.
Ages and Stages is a period that occurs in every human life for their development. In each stage, growth and development occur. The first event includes physical, language, social-emotional, and intellectual. As a parent, you must understand your child and what things taking place in your child’s brain and body during each period because the child believes that you will support him and encourage him so that he may progress through each stage smoothly.

Different Stage of Development

There are five stages of child development.
New Born Child: During the first month, newborn babies automatically respond to you, such as newborns will move her head towards your finger, or he will try to hold your finger. A newborn can recognize some smell and objects, or he will smile or cry to indicate to you.
Infant Stage: Infants development means in the first year of life. At this period, he or she can control his movements. In six to nine months, the infant can sit, and he can get a response to his name. By the age of nine to twelve months, babies can pick objects and can stand with the help of support.

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Ages and Stages of Development

Toddler: This is the age between one to three years old. By this age, the baby can walk without any help; he can jump. Baby can draw some block, can speak short sentences, and can understand simple instructions.
Preschool Age: preschool-age means the age between three to five years. The child can use motor skills at this age. They can play with the ball, stand on one foot, they can dress up by themselves.
School Age: school-age children means children of 12 years old. At this age, children are confident, independent, and responsible. They can develop relationships with the same gender.

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Ages and Stages of Development

Information About Ages and Development

Every parent wants the best for their child. But raising a child is a hard thing that every parent has to face. There are many health issues, safety, self-esteem, education, nutrition. And every parent has a concern that their child should be grown up properly. Every child is born up differently. Children may face some difficulties in reaching their milestones in their life. Therefore, understand the things and help your child to develop new skills so that they can reach their discoveries with their full potential. In today’s world, your child is learning many new things, but he can not always generate or develop the same things which the other children can do. He can perform faster or slow as compare to other children of his age. At last, please don’t compare your child because every child is unique, and every child has his specialty.

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