Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Crib

Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Crib

Think about it this way: between naps, bedtime and playtime, your new bundle of joy will be spending much of her first months within a crib – and you’ll want to ensure that it’s as safe and baby-friendly as possible! From providing countless hours of entertainment and comfort to shielding your baby against dangers associated with poorly constructed cribs – such as suffocation and choking – choosing the right baby crib involves a great deal of research and consideration.

Whether you consider yourself an expert on baby cribs or you’ve never stepped inside a nursery store before, every parent should have this checklist at hand for determining whether or not that baby crib is a worthwhile buy. 

Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Crib
Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Crib

As an expectant parent, it can be easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm of baby crib shopping. From round designer cribs to petit mobile baby beds, it can be hard to resist the excitement of envisioning your baby’s nursery resplendent with the finest baby crib money can buy. However, before you pull out that credit card, you’ll need to do some necessary safety tests to ensure that any potential baby crib is safe, well-constructed, and has an airtight manufacturer warranty. 

Baby Crib 101

   An ideal baby crib will have corner posts that measure no more than 1/16 inches above the top end panel of the crib. Shorter corner posts significantly cut the risks of accidental hangings or suffocation due to entangled sheets.

 Check to see if the mattress support hangers are firmly screwed into place. Loose rods will undoubtedly pose a choking hazard to your baby, and can even cause a few nasty cuts and bruises if your baby is a curious explorer.

· The smaller the panels of the baby crib, the better – wide panels pose a significant suffocation risk to your baby, as his head can quickly become wedged between the panels. Ideally, the panels of this should be no further apart than 2 3/8 inches, which roughly equals the size of an aluminum soda can.

· Give the paint a little scrape with your fingernail (just be sure the salesperson isn’t around!) – does it easily flake off? If so, errant paint chips can pose a choking hazard to your baby as well as lead to some nasty tummy aches. 

Read a few customer review surveys to get a feel for how the baby cribs hold up once taken out of the nursery store. Are they reliable and sturdy? Do they stand up to even the fiercest temper tantrum? Does the paint easily chip off? Researching these parameters will help you to finally determine if that baby crib is safe and robust enough for your precious child.

Hand-Me-Downs: A Cribbing Idea

While it might be an excellent thought to envision your baby in the same crib that you used when you were an infant, it’s best to steer clear of a secondhand baby crib that’s more than five years old. Secondhand cribs can pose safety risks and hazards that even the most careful parent can overlook.

Product Suggestion: For Baby Crib

Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Crib
Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Crib

My sister, in her nappy days, considered her dreamland to be a football match and the bed as the field. More often than not, she was half-hanging from the bed. My parents then decided to install a bed fence. A metal bed fence like this once is sturdy enough to not jostle during your baby’s nap time adventures. It has an easily disassembled feature for portability, too.

Think you know which baby crib you’re going to take home? Make sure that there’s an airtight warranty on that model since regular maintenance will be a must to ensure your baby’s continued safety. Continually check the baby cribs to see if any screws, bolts, or other parts have come loose; if they have, you can use your warranty to get the crib fixed or receive a new model at no extra cost. After all, even the smallest newborn will have inquisitive hands that can loosen a screw or bolt over time – and it’s your job as a vigilant parent to watch out for these unexpected risks!

Bottom Line

Now that you know what to look for in a baby crib, you can shop in confidence knowing that your baby will sleep more soundly in a safe and comfortable environment – and you’ll get a full night’s sleep as well! 

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