Baby Development Milestones: Undefined Happiness

Baby Development Milestones- Undefined Happiness

Meaning Of Baby Development Milestones?

The meaning of baby development milestones surrounds the road an infant walk past along with his or her parents. This is something which includes information other than the height and weight. However, they are clearly identified set of skills which the baby performs. Therefore, this indicates that the early stages of his or her life is vital for their growth. When I say growth, it is both physical and mental growth. They include rolling, lifting their head up, sitting up and walking. Learn about baby development milestones.

Baby Development Milestones: Undefined Happiness
Baby Development Milestones: Undefined Happiness

There are namely three classifications of milestones. They are the motor development stages, the language development stages and the social and the emotional development stages. Successful completion of all these stages will lead to healthy growth and progress of the child.

Is Their Progress Rate Same?

It must be noted that generally, they follow almost the same growth rate. However, you must understand that no two babies are of the same type. Along a specific time frame, the development milestone is achieved. Between the ninth and the sixteenth month, they start walking. The amount of time the babies spend on one stage also depends.

First Month Milestones-

The baby is the first month of life portrays a very reflexive behaviour. This means their actions are termed automatic. Therefore, this is the most crucial milestone which must be considered by parents. The most important reflexes of the baby are as follows:

  • Reflexes Of The Mouth- They are the most crucial reflex of the baby to survive. The most important is the sucking stage. Here the baby automatically learns to suck with their mouth. Touch their cheeks and they will begin to suck. This rooting reflex soon fades out after 4 months of age.
  • Startle Stage– When the baby hears a loud noise, he or she gets startled. At this time, he falls backward and both his legs and arms extend far away from his body. You can notice this in the first 2 or 3 months.
  • Grasp Reflex– This is the most commonly known reflex. This reflex is highly noticeable in the first 5-6 months.
  • Stepping Reflex- This is a funny reflex.

Milestones Achieved After The First Month

Soon after the first month, the baby begins to raise his head when on the stomach. He or she also keeps his or her hands always in a tight fist.

Milestones After The First Three Months

There are a number of motor skills achieved after the first month, He or she supports his upper body tightly. He or she also shakes his hand when on a toy. They also begin to swipe and bat at dangling objects. They start making cooing sounds to make others understand and convey messages. Another notable trait is that they start smiling when they see familiar faces. They also enjoy starting playing with other people and start making new friends.

Baby Development Milestones: Undefined Happiness
Baby Development Milestones: Undefined Happiness

Concluding Remarks About Baby Development Milestones

Therefore, the parents need to educate themselves and impart the right knowledge about the growth of the child. Your baby will undergo a tremendous transformation during the first twelve months. At this time, he or she will be excited about different actions in the environment.

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