Child Development Stages: Some Facts

The Importance Of Parental Guidance In A Child’s Life

Raising a child is a difficult task for every parent it goes through different child development stages. You have to be cautious about safety issues, health concern, nutrition, self-esteem, educations, and socialization. Every child grows differently in their place and overcomes the milestone of their life

Child Development Stages: Some Facts
Child Development Stages: Some Facts

“Child development stages” means the growth of a child from birth to the age of seventeen. Did you ever think of the time you used to crawl or the time when you stood for the first time? A child develops in various cognitive, physical, and social ways from birth to pre-adulthood.

Infancy Child Development Stages

Babies are always cute. Every young parent struggles in their initial days. However, everything is okay with time. Infancy period starts from birth to 2 years. This period is the fast growth stage of life.  In this period, children roll over, crawl, sit up, and walk. It means that the child is physically growing and crossing the milestone. Before the age of twelve months, sensory awareness and perception grow up.

Early Childhood Child Development Stages

Early childhood means learning ABCD’s and 123s in preschool. First childhood period lasts from two years up to six years. The growth of children during this period is much slower than the rapid increase in infancy. However, this period is all about rhymes and poems. You will see your children running, jumping, and climbing at a specified period.  The child grows physically and mentally. With the help of parents, they grow up to be healthy.

Middle Childhood Child Development Stages

This period is usually schooling time. The period ranges from 6 to 12 years. In this particular time, children become physically active and gain their height quickly. Children grow their social skills at this time. It is the time for education and cognitive growth that helps the brain to mature. With the help of their parents, children develop quickly and with all the knowledge of the outer world.

At this age, the children develop various skills from their school and friends.

Realize Their Potential And Feel Competent

It usually begins at home. However, by developing social skills and communicating with others, children realize their potential and become competitive.

Develop Confidence, A Sense Of Security And Self-Esteem

Trust, safety, and self-esteem are the three most essential factors in a child’s life. A child’s development is proper when he confidently faces the outer world. At this stage, they develop self-esteem and stand among their friends with confidence. A sense of security also develops during the time.

Using Creativity And Imagination

You will realize the imaginative power in your children at this time. Kids usually start being creative and use their skills in social areas.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills, Reading, And Thinking

By this time, they will know the difference between right and wrong. Reading habits will grow in them. They will think before taking a step.

Growing Years

Child Development Stages: Some Facts
Child Development Stages: Some Facts

By the time they reach the age of thirteen, you will realize that they have grown up. They can make their own decisions and do not need your help anymore. Although, this age is crucial as they can start doing drugs or other things under peer pressure. However, it is best to give them time and make them understand. Teenage is the only time; children make significant mistakes.

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