Finger Puppets In The Classroom To Help Child Study

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You want your children to be active with his imagination? Want you, child, to love plays and colors? Then it would help if you taught him how to make a finger puppet on your fingers. As a result, they can turn their imagination into reality. Finger puppets can be used in a lot of ways to teach your child various things. Today we are going to talk about how, with the help of a finger puppets, you can encourage, motivate, and add an extra layer of fun in their learning process. 

Finger Puppets In The Classroom To Help Child Study
Finger Puppets In The Classroom To Help Child Study

Benefits Of Finger Puppets 

Given below are some of the advantages which both parents and teacher can quickly adapt to help the child with their ideas and imagination. Moreover, if you find any other way to improve the communication you are free to make changes to these tips according to your requirements.

Finger Puppet Can Help In Story Telling

Reading is a great habit. If your child is new to text, you can grab his interest in books by playing individual characters using your fingers. In addition to this, you can make different noises for different styles, making the activity more fun and engaging.

On the other hand, instead of you making a finger puppet, you could be asking your students to make finger puppets of their favorite character from the book and act according to them using their finger puppet. In this way, you can evaluate how much each child understood the story. And which character had a more impact on the individual child.

Use Finger Puppets For Phonics

Try to include the rhymes in your teaching to make the learning more playful. You can start with painting relevant puppets on your fingers and use them according to a song.

Likewise, children tend to be more attentive to the sound when it is shown by imagery. Thus, it will help you teach them words, nouns, and names more efficiently and in less time.


You can ask your children to make a face on their finger and then start talking to it. In this way, you will be helping them with their confidence when talking to other people. Also, your child could write up a letter or diary for their finger puppet and add all the little intricate details in it. This will help your child to use their imagination without any boundaries and restrictions.

Finger Puppets In The Classroom To Help Child Study
Finger Puppets In The Classroom To Help Child Study

Finger Puppet For Art and Craft 

One of the best things a child could do after reading a book is by telling his or her friends the story of it. But in some cases, children are not a great storyteller. And people can easily lose their interest, which could make your child sad. So an excellent way to tell a story is by making your fingers play the part. As a result, people not only take an interest in the story but will also be intrigued by the performance of your child. Giving him the self-confidence he needed for telling the story. 

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