Parent Connect: The Communication Bridge

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Children spend most time of their lives in home and then in school. Thus, home and school imprint on the child. Both these places play an important role in child’s development. But we often see that these places are not in synch with each other. Many times both these places teach different values through different methods. Due to this a child is often left confused and starts hating one of the places. This is mostly due lack of communication between the home and the school. To overcome this we have a new ground-breaking concept of Parent Connect.

The Concept of Connection

Parent Connect believes that the lack of communication between parents and the teachers leads to obstacles in a child’s development. This can be easily eliminated through Parent Connect. This is an online platform that acts as a bridge between the parents and the teachers. It is user friendly can be accessed from any location given that you have connectivity. It is extremely useful to stay in touch with studies when your child could not make it school due to sickness or other factors.

Why Should You Use Parent Connect?

Parent Connect – The Communication Bridge
Parent Connect – The Communication Bridge

Being a parent is never easy. But with a little smartness you can maximise your effort of being a wonderful parent. Remember that a good parent really understands the importance of education in their child’s life. And the smart one takes interest in it. Don’t make school and home two different lives for your kids. They must go hand in hand in order for the child to feel that both are equally important. Often, what home shows isn’t taught in school and what school teaches isn’t validated by home. This forces these aspiring citizens to make choices.

This may result in them hating home or school. And Parent Connect is there to eliminate that. It gets you involved and makes your child feel special. Also you and your kid become team and get to spend quality time together as you involve yourself more and more into their world.

How Does Parent Connect Help?

Parent Connect – The Communication Bridge
Parent Connect – The Communication Bridge
  • You can use the platform for various purposes mentioned below.
  • To be in touch with teachers
  • Track your child’s progress
  • Access study material
  • Communicate to everyone related to studies and school
  • Updated reports on syllabus
  • Teachers can uploads notes
  • Access school’s academic calendar
  • Payment reminders for parents for school fees and other such
  • Send messages to school bus driver
  • Access services such as competitions, assignments, projects, etc.
  • Access from any geographical location
  • Features Of The Software

Features Of The Software

Notifications Of:

  • Exam dates
  • Submission dates
  • Result
  • Portion covered

Access To:

  • Notes
  • Study material
  • School instructions
  • School calendar
  • Complete CCE solution
  • Per subject update
  • School bus timings and pick drop locations
  • Attendance sheets

Parent Connect improves the quality of the education and also of your relationship with your child. Since it’s hard to visit schools everyday because you might be working or having another kid at home, Parent Connect helps you stay updated.

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