Stages Of Child Development And What To Expect Of Them

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Raising a child might seem like a really impossible task at times, but believe me when I say, it is worth it! Watching the little one grow up is something that you will forever treasure. There are numerous things that you will notice every few days. Right from the time they are born, our babies learn new things and show progresses that you must be excited about. It also involves visits to the paediatrician who asks you about various activities. If your child isn’t performing some activity, there is nothing to get alarmed right away. There are stages of child development and a child learns various things during these stages. As parents you must be curious about these stages as well. Let’s find out. 

Learning About The Stages Of Child Development 

When you become a parent, anything and everything to do with your child becomes your responsibility and your concern. Now wonder, you will wish to know all about the various stages of development. We are also quite concerned about whether or not our child is actually developing well enough! Let’s put the worries to rest. 

Earliest Stages Of Child Development 

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The first stage is between birth and eight years of age. As a baby is born quite literally helpless, it starts picking up various capabilities and qualities. The emotional and physical development happens quite rapidly during the first year. The child’s emotional capability is formed and bond formation happens during this stage. In the next couple of years, the child learns to sit, stand, and walk, along with talking coherently. These are years of extreme development and you will notice various things almost every other day. This is also the time to potty train your kid and to inculcate certain lifestyle habits. As the child grows up, the hand-eye coordination is formed and there is rapid physical development. 

Middle Stages Of Development 

We are talking about the age between eight and twelve. This is the time when the child starts developing the cognitive side more than the physical side. There is social skills development and the child starts to understand the concept of time and money. During this stage the child also learns about behavior. This is a refinement stage and you won’t find any major physical change happening at this point in time. 


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Adolescence is the stage between twelve and eighteen years. Also known as the teenage, this is a critical stage in many ways. There is major development and changes happening physically, and your child might be freaked out. There is also the overdose of emotions. The hormonal change is touch for a child and you will have to guide him/her through this. The sexual development can take them by surprise and they often does not know what to believe and not to believe. There is enough information and misinformation floating around. So, make sure that you provide them with the right one. Mood swings are pretty common, so as parents you will have to be careful about handling your children’s emotional outbursts. It is best to consult a counsellor during this stage if you feel that you are unable to make them understand everything. Teens rely more on peers about opinions and developments. So, as parents you will also have to look out for bad peer influence. 

It isn’t an easy task for parents to raise kids. But, knowing the stages of child development certainly helps make sense of all the craziness that’s about to follow. And, in the end, it is all worth it! 

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