The Power Of Play-Due To Fun

Choosing Toys To Make Your Kids Smarter

The Power of Play – Due to Fun and Game will help your child how to plan and organize their things, how to behave and get along with others, control their emotions. Therefore, playing will increase their social skills, concentration power, and they can release their stress, brain development will be faster. 

The Power Of Play-Due To Fun
The Power Of Play-Due To Fun

Playful Ideas According To Age Group

  • 6 Months Child: you can start playful learning with your baby’s first smile. You can attract your baby with different objects with bright colors, but sure that the objects which he puts in her mouth would be safe, play with your baby in a different position so that he can adequately move his hands and legs in all the directions. 
  • 7 to 12 months: at this age, you can drop some toys on the floor, they will try to reach them, you can play peek-a-boo with them.
  • 1 to 5 years: This is the time when you choose to playschool for them so, make sure to select the schools to give more time in playful learning. You can give them blocks, wooden spoons, puzzles are the ways by which you can create your child’s ability. Make sure that your child explores her body by walking, jumping, running. You can also sing a song or read a poem in such a manner that it would create fun for them.
  • 6 to 12 years: This age group can child can interact with people and can make friends. Encourage them to perform various activities such as swinging, climbing, hopping, etc.

Types Of The Power Of Play- Due To Fun

  • Fun with Toys: while playing with any toy or object, babies use their skills. For example: if your baby is playing with a banana, he will learn to play and share with others.
  • Physical games: physical play will be fun for them, such as duck-duck-goose game will build their emotional skills. Make sure that they should not harm anyone by tapping.
  • Outdoor Games: outdoor games are critical because they use all their body while playing.
  • Your child they do plenty of play activities due to which they will become healthy, creative, and skills will be developed within them, which they need in today’s world. 
The Power Of Play-Due To Fun
The Power Of Play-Due To Fun

Characteristics: Power Of Play- Due To Fun

  • The child will be Active: while playing, your child will use his body and mind. Due to which he can interact with people and the environment.
  • Both Things Are Possible (Adventure and risk): when they are playing any adventure game, which is a risk, also, he will make sure that he could avoid risk and play safe.
  • Communicate: play develops natural ability in your child of communication with others, and they can even share information and knowledge with others. They can communicate through words, bodies, and postures.
  • Enjoy: it is simple to express that play is fun for children, they enjoy a lot while playing. If they are not enjoying it, which means that it is not playing, instead of developing an emotion of win, they should only play and have fun. 
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