Which Parenting Styles Should You Practice?

All the parents think about how better they can treat the child and can change parenting styles. Though the parents differ all over the world. They have different culture, language, community, and lifestyles. But their parenting styles are most common. The researchers develop some common parenting styles.

Parenting Styles: What To Know
Parenting Styles: What To Know

You must follow some strategies like discipline, nurturance, expectation, and communication. You can follow some parenting styles like Disciplinarian, Permissive, Uninvolved, and Authoritative.

Disciplinarian Style

With a little negotiation, they are strict in disciplines. One of the standard practices in parenting is Punishment.

Without explaining the rules, from parent to child communication is one way.

The one-way communication style is the worst parenting.

The parents keep their expectations high with limited.

Liberal Style Of Parenting

Permissive parents are mostly friends and let their children do what they want. They give limited direction or guidance to their children.

With limited rules, they allow the children to solve their problems.

Without giving direction, these parents allow their children to decide for themselves with open communication.

Permissive parents are warm and nurturing.

Uninvolved Parenting Styles

Uninvolved parenting parents stay out of the way from children and give a lot of freedom. Some parents do not get much involved in their kid’s life, whereas, there are parents who are very much conscious about their kid’s life.

Lack of information or caring, these parents allows their children to do what they want.

There is limited communication.

These parents belong to the nurturing group.

Authentic Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles: What To Know
Parenting Styles: What To Know

With clear expectation, these parents are nurturing and reasonable. Authoritative parenting makes the children think for themselves and self-disciplined. This parenting style is one of the best for children.

Explanations behind the disciplinary rules are clear.

For the children’s level of understanding, communication is appropriate and frequent.

The goals and expectation are clear to the children.

Authentic parents are very much caring.

What Should Be Our Parenting Style?

With all the above explanations, you can adopt one of the single parenting. However, it will be better to combine the styles and raise the children. While you are selecting a permissive parenting style, there might be a time when you think the child needs what style of parenting.

How Children “Turn Out”

Research shows that when both the parents adopt the same parenting style, it may not be less effective. However, the child gets a benefit if only one of the parents is authoritarian. Some other factors include developing the children are as follows:

How the children temperament fits with the parents.

One can compare parenting to teaching.

Peer pressure of the child has a lot of influence.

“Helicopter Parenting” a new name for Authoritative parenting style with an over-involvement in the child’s life. “Free Range Parenting” is also a new name of Uninvolved Parenting, with more independent thinking for the best interest of the child.

Parents will have more benefit if they join the parenting class and talk with other parents. When self-reflection comes, they will know the better ways of parenting styles and grow up their children.

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